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020 8275 9435 | 0788 790 7026

“I have seen Jeanette on a regular basis for a number of years.  I have had osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy at various times.  Her professional expertise and helpful advice have helped me maintain an active lifestyle and I thoroughly recommend her”

Jennifer A. – Crouch End

What is homeopathy?

This is a system of healing which assists the body to heal itself, based on the principle “like cures like”. For example if you peel an onion you may produce tears and your nose may run. These symptoms can mimic the symptoms of the common cold. Allium Cepa (onion) may be prescribed for the common cold or hay fever. Only a minute amount of the active ingredient is used in a specially prepared form, so homeopathic medicines cannot cause side effects and you cannot become addicted to them. This makes homeopathic medicine suitable for babies, children and the elderly and can be taken safely during pregnancy. They can also be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

A detailed orthodox medical case history will be taken followed by a physical examination if necessary. You will then be answered some “very strange” questions which homeopaths ask such as “do you feel better by the sea”, or “do you have to have the window open all the time”. These type of questions are specific to homeopathic prescribing. Your case will then be discussed with you and an outline of the treatment plan will be explained. Homeopathic medicines may be prescribed. Some are little white pills which are tasteless and are dissolved in the mouth. Sometimes a bottle of liquid is prescribed (sometimes costing £8-£10).