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020 8275 9435 | 0788 790 7026

“I am a stage performer with a history of back trouble and headaches.  Jeanette has managed to restore me and I can now work trouble free.”

David T. Crouch End

“I have found the combined therapies of osteopathy and acupuncture to be very effective for my back pain after two pregnancies.  I think Jeanette’s holistic approach is great. She has been very flexible with appointment times as I have two young children.”

Seiya S. Whetstone

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy treats pain or aching muscles and joints anywhere in the body. We use various methods such as therapeutic massage to gentle manipulation of joints, including the spine, to help relieve pain, discomfort, stiffness and relief of symptoms.  We don’t just do backs!  Other systems of the body can be helped such as digestive problems and constipation.


Join the Arthritic Association (phone 0800 652 3188 or 01323 416 550) now called Arthritis Action.  You will be able to get four free treatments with me via this charity per calendar year.

Osteopaths are trained for a minimum of 4 years and are state registered. We relieve conditions which may arise from the spine itself. Osteopaths do not just treat backs! We are qualified to diagnose and do not need a G.P. or hospital referral, but osteopaths work in collaboration with G.Ps and hospital doctors, yoga and pilates teachers.

How many treatments will I need?

Every problem and patient are different and the number of treatments will be discussed after the first visit if this is necessary.  The first consultation will also include a treatment.

Can I claim on my medical insurance?

Yes. Some companies will give you the go-ahead over the telephone whilst other insurance companies will ask you to get a letter from your GP to get an authorisation number.  Please call me and I will give you my reference numbers for insurance companies so that they have all the information they require.

What Conditions Does it Help?

  • backache and neckache or pain
  • headaches
  • arthritic pain
  • joint pain and stiffness
  • sciatica
  • rheumatic pain
  • sports injuries
  • fibromyalgia
  • whiplash
  • health issues
  • backache or pain during pregnancy
  • circulatory problems
  • cramp
  • digestive problems
  • neuralgia
  • frozen shoulder
  • headache arising from neck/migraine prevention